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I don't suppose anyone's up for a quick beta and/or Britpick on a 00Q BDSM (whipping) fic? Don't need to know canon in particular.

... Yeah, I thought not. Oh well. Hey, lookit I got a new tag.


Oct. 24th, 2012 11:36 am
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I know everyone's busy and all, but is there anyone out there who can spare some time to read something over for me? It's my Sherlock BBC Big Bang, and I don't mean a full beta (although if you're bored...). I'm looking for someone who is not a musician to read over my (classical) musician AU and see if it's irksomely arcane if you aren't, you know, a musician.

It's about 10,000 words so it shouldn't take too long. It's gen, if that's something you care about. I don't suppose it really requires any knowledge of Sherlock but it might make it more fun to read if you do know.

You can comment, or PM me, or circ dot bamboo at gmail dot com.
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What's a slang-but-not-derisive term for someone (male) who is gay, that would be commonly in use by, say, a London DI somewhere between 45 and 55?

I don't trust my googling and FSM only knows how long it's been since I've seen the British QaF.

Conversely, does 'queer' have the same variety of meanings in the UK as it does here in the US (old-fashioned derogatorily, just someone who's gay but as reclaimed, either 'gay' or 'somewhere in the QUILTBAG acronym, nonspecifically')?

If not, or if this word/phrase doesn't exist, I can write around it.

(If you want/need more info, email's cool: circ dot bamboo at gmail dot com.)
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Due to circumstances beyond one's control, my beta for my big bang has had to leave the line-editing (what's generally known as 'comma-wrangling,' although my commas are fine, tyvm; it's more that I tend to re-use words when I shouldn't, and sometimes end up with clunky wording for unknown reasons) to someone else; any takers?

It's 24,000 words (ish) which is really effing long and my posting date is Nov. 8th; I'd like it back by, oh, Nov. 5th in the evening.

I completely understand if none of you can; I'll go scream at the beta post if I get no takers here shortly.


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