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First of all, I'd like to thank [ profile] igrockspock for her lovely story, and I totally knew she wrote it but that certainly didn't make it any less awesome!

Second, here are the seven stories I wrote, in five different fandoms:

Star Trek:

Nobody Else Will Do (the Thrilling Combination Remix) for [ profile] medie, a remix of her One (Pike/One, PG; how Colt, Barry, and Boyce tricked Pike and One into a relationship)

Some Good Advice, Please (the Maybe-It's-Bad-Sushi Remix) for [ profile] izzyfics, a remix of her Where You Are Again (Joanna McCoy/Pavel Chekov, R-ish; it's possible Joanna McCoy may be pregnant)

Repeat Offender (the Pro Bono Remix) for [ profile] igrockspock, a remix of her Repeat Offender (Jim Kirk, OFC, G, gen; the Starfleet JAG officer who defended Jim on his first adult charge)


Never After Ever (the Fore-and-Aft-Rigged Remix) for [ profile] azarsuerte (I'm pretty sure), a remix of hir Ever After Never (G, Gen; Tony visits Gibbs, gets a lesson in boat-building)


Six Scenes of Negotiation (the Behind-the-Scenes Remix) for [ profile] arobynsung, a remix of hir Human Error (Jack/Allison/Nathan, PG; how Jack and Allison and Nathan became Jack-and-Allison-and-Nathan)

White Collar

Five Times They Missed Their Reservations And One Time They Didn't, Sort Of (The Five-and-One Remix) for [ profile] pervyficgirl, a remix of her Loving Up On Me (Peter/El/Neal, NC-17; see title)


Speakeasy Night at the Old Haunt (the Feathered Boa Remix) for [ profile] emmademarais, a remix of her Speakeasy Night at the Old Haunt (G, gen; basically the title, from Alexis's point of view)

ETA: Also, although not anon due to confusion on my part re: rules about sequels and whatnot:

Thor/Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Alternative is Grad School (the Drysuit Remix), for [ profile] boosette, a remix of her The Alternative is Grad School (PG, gen; Darcy got recruited to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. because of her scuba-diving certificate. She just . . . never expected to use it.)

So that makes six fandoms, three of which were new.

Whew! Now, I know some of them were pretty damn obvious, but did any surprise you?
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The collection is open! Go ye forth and read!

And definitely read this one: Cold Shot (Indecision, Revision, But No Reversal Remix). Because it's a remix of one of my stories, about One having to shoot Pike, and it's like . . . Okay, my story is small, and very limited point of view, because the narrator is Phil Boyce who is, if you didn't notice, neither Pike nor One. But this story is everything I didn't and probably couldn't write.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that the remix is vastly superior to the original and you should go read it and leave my lovely anon lots of nice comments and kudos.

And, for the record, I may or may not have written a metric crapton of remixes and if anyone on the planet can guess all of them before the reveal, I will personally mail you a box of random stuff. (Awesome random stuff, not, you know, junk.)

(Note: The 'remix' that is not anon due to the fact that I failed at remixing and succeeded at writing a cracktastic sequel does not count.)


Apr. 15th, 2012 03:31 pm
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If for some reason you've ever wanted to wrangle one of my completed stories into something entirely different, I've signed up for Remix Madness here, so do so to your heart's content!

(I mean, you have to offer your stuff up for a remix first, but hey.)


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