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Title: No Such Thing (or on AO3)
Fandom: NCIS
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble + Dr. Samantha Ryan
Length: 5000 words
Rating: R for non-explicit gore/violence
Spoilers: Non-specific spoilers for s9 and canon het relationship--although I have ignored the last episode.
Warnings: Some gore/violence and significant discussion of emesis
Prompt: 24. Any contemporary fandom - any character - People should have realized that, sooner or later, pouring the liquefied remnants of corpses in the municipal water supply was going to lead to zombies.
Author’s Notes: Written for [ profile] zombi_fic_ation's Zombie Fest 2012. Thanks to [ profile] adorb_eggplant for the beta. The book Abby references is Feed by Mira Grant, from which I have stolen borrowed some meta-concepts. On the other hand, Feed actually makes scientific sense, and this does not, so.

There's no such thing as zombies. )
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Augh, sorry. It's [ profile] boosette's fault: fic tac toe.

A Deluge of Dancers (500 words) by faviconcirc_bamboo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Avengers Movies Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Thor (Marvel), Jane Foster (Marvel)

Actually, pretty much all of the Avengers can dance, except Steve.

The Family Nobody Wanted (But He Got Anyway) (409 words) by faviconcirc_bamboo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Avengers Movies Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Pepper Potts

Those kids and their freaky ninja moves over breakfast.

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I seriously do not understand this random period of prosperity but I am pointedly not questioning it.

This is also from [ profile] urbancate's comment fic meme.

Title: Darcy Lewis, Astrophysicist Wrangler (AO3)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic (Avengers) Universe
Summary: How Darcy got her six-inch heels.
Characters: Darcy, Jane, Pepper; Tony and Bruce appear briefly but importantly
Rating: PG? G?
Content Advisory: I can't think of anything.
Word Count: 1200
Notes: For [ profile] morrigans_eve's prompt of "Any of the women in Avengers: Wear six-inch heels to work." It went a tad awry, but hey. It sort of works as an insert to the first set of *** in TAIGS (Drysuit Remix), I guess.

But I don't need a new suit. )
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Title: Sassing by Inanimate Objects: a five-and-one (on AO3)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic (Avengers) Universe
Summary: Five times inanimate objects at Stark Tower--well, really Tony and JARVIS--sassed Clint, and one time he got Tony back.
Characters: Clint, Tony, JARVIS; Steve, Bruce, and Natasha show up briefly.
Rating: PG for language and references to a background threesome
Content Advisory: John Cage. That requires a warning, doesn't it?
Word Count: 1300
Notes: All [ profile] adorb_eggplant's fault. A couple weeks ago I was reading a story where a typo made it look as if a chair was sassing Clint. (No idea what story. Not important.) The rest is, they say, history. Imaginary Landscapes No. 4 is written for 12 radios and 24 performers in pairs; one performer has control of the tuner and the other the volume. It sounds about how you would imagine. The speaker that Clint buys.

Our story starts with Clint shooting arrows; big surprise. )
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SERIOUSLY. There is no excuse for this one.

Title: Happy and They're Safe
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic (Avengers) Universe
Summary: It's really not fair that only the people without super powers or suits get to learn how to dive.
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, and a paper shredder
Rating: PG
Content Advisory: References to PTSD
Word Count: 1075
Notes: Direct sequel to The Alternative is Grad School (The Drysuit Remix). Probably won't make any sense without reading that first. I have no idea where this came from.

Shredding was the best part of Darcy's day.
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First of all, I'd like to thank [ profile] igrockspock for her lovely story, and I totally knew she wrote it but that certainly didn't make it any less awesome!

Second, here are the seven stories I wrote, in five different fandoms:

Star Trek:

Nobody Else Will Do (the Thrilling Combination Remix) for [ profile] medie, a remix of her One (Pike/One, PG; how Colt, Barry, and Boyce tricked Pike and One into a relationship)

Some Good Advice, Please (the Maybe-It's-Bad-Sushi Remix) for [ profile] izzyfics, a remix of her Where You Are Again (Joanna McCoy/Pavel Chekov, R-ish; it's possible Joanna McCoy may be pregnant)

Repeat Offender (the Pro Bono Remix) for [ profile] igrockspock, a remix of her Repeat Offender (Jim Kirk, OFC, G, gen; the Starfleet JAG officer who defended Jim on his first adult charge)


Never After Ever (the Fore-and-Aft-Rigged Remix) for [ profile] azarsuerte (I'm pretty sure), a remix of hir Ever After Never (G, Gen; Tony visits Gibbs, gets a lesson in boat-building)


Six Scenes of Negotiation (the Behind-the-Scenes Remix) for [ profile] arobynsung, a remix of hir Human Error (Jack/Allison/Nathan, PG; how Jack and Allison and Nathan became Jack-and-Allison-and-Nathan)

White Collar

Five Times They Missed Their Reservations And One Time They Didn't, Sort Of (The Five-and-One Remix) for [ profile] pervyficgirl, a remix of her Loving Up On Me (Peter/El/Neal, NC-17; see title)


Speakeasy Night at the Old Haunt (the Feathered Boa Remix) for [ profile] emmademarais, a remix of her Speakeasy Night at the Old Haunt (G, gen; basically the title, from Alexis's point of view)

ETA: Also, although not anon due to confusion on my part re: rules about sequels and whatnot:

Thor/Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Alternative is Grad School (the Drysuit Remix), for [ profile] boosette, a remix of her The Alternative is Grad School (PG, gen; Darcy got recruited to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. because of her scuba-diving certificate. She just . . . never expected to use it.)

So that makes six fandoms, three of which were new.

Whew! Now, I know some of them were pretty damn obvious, but did any surprise you?
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Title: Five Steve Rogers Who Weren't (or here at AO3)
Summary: What it says on the tin. (Because being Captain America doesn't require also being male, blond, blue-eyed, and of Western European extraction.)
Characters: Steve Rogers, in various forms; Howard Stark; Abraham Erskine
Rating: PG
Content Advisory: References to racism (historical and contemporary)
Word Count: 800
Notes: This is [ profile] boosette's fault. Also, I have a 'fic:mcu' tag. What.

let's start with Esteban Rodriguez )
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Title: Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Summary/Prompt: How do the crew deal with a female prisoner who is pregnant?
Characters: Nurse Lrrr (an OFC of mine), Dr. Boyce, Commander One
Canon: AOS
Word Count: 1350
Rating: PG
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Notes: For the [ profile] where_no_woman Mother's Day fest. The crew is the Yorktown while Pike is captain. Lrrr is Head Nurse under Boyce. She isn't human. Title blatantly ripped off from Wordsworth.

Sickbay to Nurse Lrrr. )
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Title: A Basement Visitor
Fandom: NCIS. Yeah, you read that right.
Summary: The title pretty much works.
Characters: Gibbs and a mystery guest
Rating: PG-13? He drops an f-bomb. Other than that, it's G. G for Gen.
Content Advisory: Nothing requiring a warning, I don't think.
Word Count: 1000
Notes: So the 1st episode of NCIS I saw this evening was depressing and I decided I should post this to make myself feel better. I wrote it a while ago, pursuant to a conversation with [ profile] boosette.

Gibbs stepped into his basement . . . )
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Title: Not With Your Face
Fandom: ST:AOS/XI
Summary/Prompt: Tell me about XX, the Federation hand-to-hand combat instructor who teaches Kirk how not to get his face punched in. She's the one who taught Kirk how to do things like use your skydiving helmet as a weapon.
Characters: OC Yvonne Campos, Kirk, McCoy
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Content Advisory: Nothing I can think of.
Word Count: 600 words
Notes: So [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] traveller are having Promptfest '11, wherein they prompt you to write about awesome women who may or may not be OCs and who may or may not be Mary Sues, depending on your precise definition of a Mary Sue. It's going on over here, and here's my submission!

What the hell were they thinking? )
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Title: Faster than a Flicker
Summary: Number One runs the 'Fleet Marathon her last year at the Academy.
Characters: Cait Barry, Number One
Rating: PG-13
Content Advisory: Strong language. Emetophobes probably won't like it either.
Word Count: 350
Notes: Title from "Anything You Can Do," from Annie Get Your Gun. In honor of the UConn women's basketball team, who now hold the record for the longest winning streak in NCAA basketball history. Not NCAA women's basketball, all NCAA basketball. Vaguely referenced in a story that isn't posted yet. Josh Pike is, yes, Chris Pike's father.

Cait was still in bed when One returned after the 'Fleet Marathon. )
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Title: Pipes and Brooms
Summary: . . . uh, people are trying to hide things from Jim?
Pairing: None. This shit is gen, baby.
Rating: G. Maybe PG, since I made some reference to nudity.
Content Advisory: CRACKS. IN THE ICE.
Word Count: 1900
Notes: I actually wrote this a while ago -- it was the original draft of "Andorians with Brooms" -- but I'd written the whole story with the Yorktown crew but used the personalities of the Enterprise crew, which went over poorly. I meant to rewrite it, but didn't until I was reminded that Gaila + Hockey = AWESOME.

Jim figured he ought to do work occasionally rather than let Spock do it all. )
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So: This is going on:

and I wrote this for it. "Infinite Diversity," rated PG-13, I guess, for innuendo, Jim + Winona, very short, at least moderately amusing in my own head.

ETA: Journal was deleted; story behind cut. Thank goodness that I save emails.

Jim shifted in his chair. )
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a multifandom pride meme

Quoted from the original post: In light of Tyler Clementi, this is an all-fandom request meme centered around the theme of positive sexuality attitudes. This includes coming-out stories, rights fights, straight supporters, anything as long as the topic has to do with perception of sexuality, and focuses on good experiences rather than bad ones.

We have to remember that being accepted is still a privilege, not a given. So many people are still dealing with prejudice and bullying and negativity because of their sexual orientation. The fight is not even close to being over.

I filled one of [ profile] igrockspock's prompts here. It's titled "Who You Are," stars McCoy and Gaila, is rated PG-13 for some salty language, and is gen. No, really.

ETA: Due to a different ficlet disappearing on me, I'm archiving the actual text here.

Gaila sat down opposite McCoy in the cadets' mess hall. )


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