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... occasionally.

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Birthdate:Sep 12
I write fiction. Sometimes.

Feel free to friend me. I don't post anything fiction under f-lock, though.

I generally warn for most things and am usually pretty sensitive to consent issues; however, if I screw something up, please tell me.

I mostly write het because, as it turns out, I'm better at writing sex when there's a woman involved. This doesn't mean I'm against slash or femmeslash or threesomes or any permutation of the above; hell, I probably read more slash than anything else. I just like writing about women.

Regarding transformation: Podfic whatever you like. Write whatever sequels, remixes, etc. you like. (Dinosaurs optional.) Borrow my OCs or my characterizations of minor characters. Tell me about them if you want. Don't touch Dust From His Hands except for (if you like) podficcing it. Don't re-archive my works without asking first.

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cait/phil, caitlin barry, castle, castle/beckett, dirtmonsters, feminism, gaila, genderswap/sexswap, het, k/mc, k/u, ofcs, philip boyce, pike/one, regency aus, running, slash, star trek, stealing titles from donne
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