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[cn: suicide]

Orin Kerr is one of the few lawyers in the country who has been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney for IP and privacy related cases involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Wire Fraud statutes. He defended Lori Drew in United States v. Drew (you might remember the case as involving the girl who committed suicide after getting bullied on MySpace and the government prosecuting the mother under this act for violating the TOS of MySpace) and, despite his presence on a libertarian-to-conservative legal blog, has no dog in this race. In fact, he's been calling for re-writing the CFAA for more than two years now, because he dislikes how vague it has become.

I highly recommend reading his extremely even-handed treatment of the case. It gets a tad legalese-y, because the main audience of the websites is lawyers, law professors, and law students, but it contains some very important information.

Part 1: The Charges
Part 2: The Prosecutor's Actions

And, as a bonus, Kerr's work on the CFAA.

The articles are not perfect; he falls into a couple of logical fallacies, but they do not invalidate his main argument. He apparently doesn't know literally everything there is to know about how JSTOR works, but he knows a lot more about how the CFAA is charged than anyone else on the planet.
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I'm out of town visiting family (yes, still) so really, if you posted something, there's probably a 90% chance I missed it.

I wrote about 130,000 words this year, which is kind of strange, considering that around May or June I was thinking this would be my least-productive year ever. Lots of new fandoms, and I love all of them.

I've got awesome New Year's plans, although the person I specifically came into town to see won't be there, alas, but there's everyone else and booze and whatnot. I might do an actual meme later but I don't have the brain for it right now.

(The family-visiting has been fairly decent but it's stressful no matter what. *shrugs* I conked out for about 2-3 hours this afternoon and I don't regret a moment of it.)

Hope everyone's having a fabulous time, or at least that you haven't had your power go out during a snowstorm.
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Title: Lay Hands On Me (or on AO3)
Fandom: Skyfall (Daniel Craig Bond, generally)
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing: Bond/Q (00Q); Moneypenny and some OCs also show up
Word Count: 5400
Summary: Bond goes to a BDSM club to get Q out of his mind, and guess who he runs into there.
Content Advisory: BDSM (flogging, whipping); also porn
Author's notes: [ profile] feels_like_fire's holiday present! Or something. YAY! Totally her fault, top to bottom, for complaining that there wasn't enough BDSM in the 00Q fandom. Thanks to [ profile] imachar for the beta and Brit-pick. All problems are of course my own. Title from "Wolf Like Me" by TV on the Radio.

Bond, you need to get laid. )
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Title: Time and Place (or on AO3)
Rating: PG

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing/Characters: Maria Hill/Nick Fury, Natasha Romanov
Word Count: 4200
Disclaimer: I do not own anything, nor am I making any money off of any of this.
Summary: Maria Hill gets tapped for a society gig, with Nick Fury as her dinner partner for the evening.
Warnings: None
Author's notes: Thanks to [ profile] adorb_eggplant for beta work. Written for [ profile] igrockspock for the [ profile] avengersfest exchange. Anonymous until yesterday, which, for the record, is a really long time.

Hill, what size bra do you wear? )
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I don't suppose anyone's up for a quick beta and/or Britpick on a 00Q BDSM (whipping) fic? Don't need to know canon in particular.

... Yeah, I thought not. Oh well. Hey, lookit I got a new tag.
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Title: Bunny Slopes and Bombers (or on AO3)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 3000
Characters/pairings: Clint/Natasha
Summary: Clint and Natasha get ordered to go on vacation, and decide to go skiing.
Author’s Notes: For the [ profile] avengers_xchng fic exchange, a gift for [ profile] alafaye. Thanks to [ profile] feels_like_fire for beta work. Any mistakes are all mine. The best line in the story I took directly from a prompt.

We don't have a next assignment. )
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So, just in case anyone wanted way too much information regarding the music I mentioned in the story, here it is!

Links to all the pieces mentioned, even if I just sort of glossed over them in a list )
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Title: The Science of Musicality (On AO3)
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock, Watson, Lestrade, Moriarty
Genre: Gen/AU (classical musicians)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10,500
Content Advisory: Abuse of classical music knowledge; oboe jokes
Summary: Classical musician AU: Sherlock is a professional solo violinist, and John is his new accompanist collaborator. They've got a recital in three months, and someone doesn't want them to do it.
Artist: [ profile] le_prince_lutin
Art masterpost: Here on AO3
Author's Notes: Written for the Sherlock Big Bang 2012. Thanks to [ profile] adorb_eggplant, [ profile] imachar, [ profile] feels_like_fire, and [ profile] leopardwrites for inspiration, Britpicking, being whined at, and fantastic beta-work and a non-academic-musician's perspective, respectively. And thanks so much to [ profile] le_prince_lutin for her fabulous artwork!

Also, here's a listing and links to all the music I mentioned.

Part 1 of 2 )

Onto part 2

on tumblr

Dec. 13th, 2012 07:48 pm
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sconesforjustice is me. Feel free to follow or not.

NB: It's not any sort of political statement, really; it's a long inside joke I'll explain eventually, because otherwise it's a spoiler for a story that hasn't been posted yet.

I like scones.
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I just found about 1500 words I wrote to the purported sequel to For You I Came This Far, aka Epic Pike/Winona, and I have basically no memory of writing it at all.

It doesn't totally suck, though, and if I can find the threads of what I was doing--well, okay, the connected scenes are basically all sex and I'm afraid it may bleed over with some of the postscripts for Make Me Believe (aka Epic Pike/McCoy) if I continue.

So if not, I may just clean it up and assign it WIP Amnesty status. I don't know.


Dec. 12th, 2012 02:12 pm
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I am watching this week's episode of NCIS and I do not like it.

spoilers )
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This. Because this. Although heed the SPOILERS FOR SKYFALL warning.

More tea? (640 words) by faviconseren_ccd
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: RED (2010), Skyfall (2012), James Bond (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: M (James Bond), Female M (James Bond), Victoria Winslow

Good friends go to your funeral. Fabulous friends offer you employment. Over tea. James Bond/RED crossover.

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Do you want late-Victorian Avengers steampunk/gaslight fantasy with atmospheric worldbuilding and tantalizing glimpses of the world beyond just our two characters (Natasha and Clint)?

Yes, you do.

Here. Natasha/Clint, R, about 3300 words, written for me by an anon at the [ profile] avengersfest comm.



Nov. 28th, 2012 05:26 pm
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Wow, the writers seem to be shipping Ziva and Tony really hard, don't they? Not that they haven't been going for this since she showed up, but still. I'm kinda thinking this means they're getting towards the end of the show's run, or they just wouldn't let that happen. Or maybe I've just been irrevocably scarred by Aaron Sorkin. (Probably that.)

Don't get me wrong, I don't not ship Tony/Ziva, but it's kind of . . . brick-to-the-head-y.

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Due to some poorly-thought-out clicking on my part, I get emails from (look, I really wanted to see the camera-lens-shaped coffee mug, okay?) and yesterday the headline was something about Fangirl Fashion.

Well, okay, I'm a fangirl, I guess (some days I prefer 'fanpoodle' because it's less gendered). So I clicked, and ended up looking at some kind of neat Princess Leia hoodies, complete with ear-buns, but there was a quote from the person who started the company (Her Universe) that made me want to puke:

It's a fact that close to half of Sci-fi fans are female! Men no longer dominate this genre. There are a lot of girls who, just like me, have a Boba Fett-ish or secretly dream of being The Doctor's next companion. So I created Her Universe!
– Ashley Eckstein, Founder, Her Universe

Fuck no. I'm not a fangirl because I want to fuck the Leading Men. I'm a fangirl because I want to be a bounty hunter or a Time Lord. Or the captain of a starship.

*rage* *seethe* *boil*

SURPRISINGLY FOR SOME PEOPLE, it's the twenty-first century and women are allowed to do things now, like be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or the Secretary of State or legitimate contenders for president or Supreme Court justices. Women can be the heroes of the story, not the fucking sidekick/love interest.

And they can do it with short hair, wearing cargo pants and tank tops, or they can do it in Chanel skirt suits and Louboutins, or anywhere in fucking between.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go write Natasha or Winona or Allison stepping on someone's face.
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So instead of the Stevetasha porn I morally owe [ profile] taraljc, you get this. Thanks, brain.

Title: (He'll Say) I'm Not So Tough (or on AO3)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Summary: Five shovel talks Steve received, and the one that really scared him.
Relationship/Characters: Steve/Natasha; the ensemble.
Rating: G? PG? Clint drops an f-bomb. It's practically wholesome.
Content Advisory: Vague threats of violence (see Summary)
Word Count: 900
Notes: Comes after/around I Bet His Mama Never Told Him Why, And When He Knows What He Wants, and And All His Presents. Someday I'll run out of lyrics to "Uptown Girl" and I'll have to stop writing this series.

JARVIS goes first. )
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Title: Distance Into Miles
Author’s name: [ profile] circ_bamboo
Beta’s names: [ profile] adorb_eggplant and [ profile] boosette
Artist’s name: [ profile] xenharmonica
Characters/Pairing Relationship: Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Fandom/Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Marvel Avengers Movies Universe
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 27,000
Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, but no standard AO3 warnings apply.
Summary: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner are all, well, not completely mentally healthy people. But it takes less time than one might think for them all to end up together. At the same time, the Avengers manage to reassemble as a team, rather than just as people. Pepper's there for all of it.

Art masterpost: Here

Back to Part 2 | Back to Master Post

Part 3 here )


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