Sep. 8th, 2013

Argh, sorry

Sep. 8th, 2013 05:10 pm
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It's been a while since I updated, but I am not, in fact, dead.


  • I turned in my [ profile] marvel_bang with 25,000 words and then finished the actual first draft with 29,500. It's . . . I mean, it's done? But I might have some macrostructure issues. We'll see.

  • [ profile] feels_like_fire and I finished Whoever Fights Monsters, technically the sequel to her Slow Dancing in a Burning Room but sort of a standalone, a White Collar/James Bond (OOQ) crossover. It's over 107,000 words long, which, holy shit. And of course we've already started planning for part III. Of course.

  • I'm staring at two things right now (most others have sort of fallen off the radar at the moment; yeah, I know): my [ profile] avengersfest assignment, and a quasi-original-fic sort of thing. With the latter I'm desperately trying to get rid of the endemic racism in a world where there are elves and vampires and werewolves, but only since the '60s or something. (Yeah, I'm doing the crappiest worldbuilding ever. I do not care at all.)

  • Related to that, [ profile] feels_like_fire and I are celebrating what we're calling TROPEFEST 2013: write whatever the hell you want and worry about how many tropes it's falling into later. Anyone who wants to join is free to! I'd have banners and icons but I'm terrrrrible with that sort of thing.

  • The kitten (who is almost three, by the way) has been eating cookies out of the cupboard. Even though we put a rubber band across the handles so she shouldn't be able to get in. That doesn't seem to stop her. *sigh*

  • I survived my parents visiting. Barely. )

  • You?


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