Feb. 21st, 2013

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  • First and foremost, I'm one of the contestants in the current round of the Marvel Throwdown, with a pairing of Bruce/Betty and a prompt of "date night" with a few other things, so I'm scrambling through that.

  • Then I'm trying to finish [livejournal.com profile] jou's Xmas/birthday fic, which is at around 9000 words and will probably end up in the 13,000-15,000-word range.

  • Then [livejournal.com profile] feels_like_fire and I have a giant White Collar/Skyfall crossover we're plotting out, and that's a lot of fun at the moment.

  • Then the Tony/Pepper/Steve Thing of Massiveness and Feels(TM) is poking at my brain again.

  • Somewhere on the back burner, I've got:
    • A sequel to a thing that I wrote more than two years ago that I've got about 9000 words of and could stand to finish, even though I don't think anyone cares about the story

    • The rest of the Stevetasha series (there's an overarching thing that I could finish)

    • The sequel to the 00Q thing I wrote, which . . . I have no idea what's going to happen, really

And then all the other things crowding into my consciousness.

How are you-all?


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